Southern Swaggie
a TV series following the journey of a penniless swagman who bargins with locals to do jobs in exchange for food and shelter in The Catlins Area
Introducing William Bisset,   a     businessman     who     has     stepped     off     the     corporate bandwagon to walk and film the deep south of New Zealand   Southern Swaggie Documentary covers: History of the Catlins Attractions and what to do In the Catlins People and the community of The Catlins and Southland What is a Swaggie or Swagman? A   swagman   is   an   Australasian   term   for   men   who   travel   by foot from farm to farm carrying the traditional swag (bedroll). They   were   very   common   during   the   two   major   depressions   one   in   the   1890’s   and   the   other   in   the   1930’s.   Typically,   they would   seek   work   in   farms   and   towns   they   travelled   through, and    in    many    cases    the    farmers    would    provide    food    and shelter in return for some menial task.  
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